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Our Story

Following years of operating a moving business, we realized women were naturally terrific packers!  So, after selling the moving business, we started a business focused on packing and unpacking homes for moves and remodels. We figured out how to provide an excellent service at an affordable cost.  Other women came on board, packing while our kids were in school.

Our list of hundreds of clients includes everyone from apartment-renters, young families moving into their first home, growing families moving to larger homes, to empty-nesters,  downsizing seniors, and even Ross Perot and T. Boone Pickens!

We have now added staging and organizing to our list of services!

Our Services


We use the client’s decor to stage the home for listing.  Typically, this also consists of     de-cluttering and organizing closets, cabinets and pantry.  We want potential buyers to see the house as their future home.


Our professional, trained, all-female crews pack as much or as little as the client wants to make sure all  is ready for the movers.  We offer specialty moving boxes and packing supplies at prices below retail.  


Often we unpack the kitchen as close to the move-in date as possible so that the house can begin to function.  Unpacking naturally involves some organizing.  For seniors, this also requires accessibility considerations.


Our organizing technique is based on the function of the area and the tools that work best for the client.  We want to organize in a way that the client can maintain and works well with the way they live.

Our contact form is currently under construction. 

Please email us at the address to the left with your zip code and anticipated move date and we will respond shortly.

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